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Senior 3 Pitch
Team W L T PTS
TextNow 7 0 0 14
Tentworks 5 1 1 11
MJ's Scooters 5 3 0 10
Mr KW Landscaper 5 3 0 10
ATS 3 5 0 6
DieKat 1 6 1 3
PSG Plumbing 0 8 0 0


Senior 3 Pitch
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
MJ's Scooters 34
PSG Plumbing 11
Monday, June 17, 2019
PSG Plumbing 17
ATS 36
  • 2019 Season Wrap-up

    A recap of our 2019 season highlights, results, awards and championship games. As always,our focus is on good sportsmanship, team play and participation rather than totally on results. Measure success by impr... More
  • Welcome to the PSG team website

    This promises to be an exciting year for the PSG Plumbing team.. Along with displaying team schedules, results and standings, coaches & team administration officials can add game recaps, photos, post mess... More
  • Lots of guidance here for everyone

    Here's a whole bunch of articles that should be of interest to players & parents involved in our program. We strongly encourage everyone to be familiar with the material - not only for your own benefit but e... More
  • Hot Dog Day 2O18 - It happened!

    This was the last of the annual wrap-up parties organized by the league for the Blastball, T-Ball and 3-Pitch programs. It included the championship games, trophy presentations to all participants, refres... More
  • We are absolutely Tobacco Free

    We are "Tobacco Free". We do not permit use of tobacco products in any form at any of our events - nor simulation thereof. This means: NO smoking - NO chewing tobacco - NO candy cigarettes NO "vapor" smokin... More
  • 2017 Hot Dog Day at Wilson Park

    What a great day to wind up our season and celebrate the start of summer. The Kitchener Citizen team won the Senior T-Ball Championship, TextNow the Junior 3-Pitch Championship and PSG Plumbing the Senior 3-P... More

R - Runs

Jack Dalcourt 21
Noah Querin 20
Owen Murphy 19

H - Hits

Owen Murphy 30
Xavier Murphy 29
Jack Dalcourt 27

HR - Home Runs

Wyatt Murphy 3
Trenton Querin 1
Caydence Woolner 1

RBI - Runs Batted In

Owen Murphy 25
Dane Summerfield 23
Wyatt Murphy 14

SLG - Slugging Percentage

Owen Murphy 1.077
Noah Querin 1.000
Skylar Kissack 1.000

MVP - Merit Star

Noah Querin 0
Trenton Querin 0
Dane Summerfield 0