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Updated Sunday May 5, 2019 by Stanley Park Baseball.


PHOTO: Some members of the PSG Senior 3 Pitch team - 2018 edition.  

Welcome to the PSG Plumbing team's website where you can learn lots about what  the team is up to this season. Lots to do, lots of game action and lots of fun - let's all have a great time!

Team members and parents (one or two from each team) can help keep the team sites interesting and up to date by posting photos and items of interest to team members and associates.  Material posted on the site can be specified for "public" or "private" view but the our team's Website representative should have prior permission from team members regardless.

Please know who your Team Website rep(s) are and help them keep your website up to date for everyone to enjoy.  This is a perfect role for someone to take on that can't handle "game" situations - it shouldn't be the coach!  (Coaches do also have access but hopefully that's mostly for communicating with the team, post schedules for team practices, special events, etc.

What you should do?  Login and make sure all your contact information is correct so the coaches and other team members can use the site's communication system.

You can add another Email address (and/or invite friends/relatives to have access to your team page) by extending your player access using the "Invite" feature when logged in on your profile.

The league will also be using the site's features extensively this year to keep in touch with everyone. Check back often as the season progresses!



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Lisa Hartman commented on May 16, 11:57am
"A wonderful looking team :)"
Enrique Hernandez commented on May 3, 7:22pm
"This team has a lot of potential!"
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